9 Best Bowling Balls [Reviewed 2019]

Some games call for skills and the right equipment whether you are engaging in them for fun, recreation or competition. One of such games is bowling. It is an exciting game that involves a target. A bowler rolls a bowling ball down a long narrow lane towards a group of pins or another target. The winning scheme is bringing down more targets than your opponents.

This game cannot be played with any kind of ball except a bowling ball. Today, it is recognized all over the world. In fact, it has become official such that people now create professions from it. International competitions are also being held in this game. If you need the perfect bowling ball to put you ahead of your game, check out these nine:

9 Best Bowling Balls [Reviewed 2019]

1. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space

This is another extraordinary bowling ball designed by a leading brand named Brunswick. This brand knows what it takes to be a beginner and has put in all into this bowling ball to make bowling simple for newcomers. With a pancake core, it gives a straight bowling shot. This bowling ball is also designed with polyester coverstock which aids straight bowling. It is also affordable.

An exciting part of this bowling ball is that it is entirely different from the other bowling balls mentioned earlier is its ability to hook. This hooking potential makes it very useful for playing on oily surfaces. With this ball, you get a superb feeling of professionalism that you see in many of the professional games shown on television.


  • A flawless surface
  • Designed with plush styles
  • Perfect bowling ball for beginners
  • Can be used by both children and women
  • Can be played on oily surfaces
  • Comes in different posh colors of blue, aqua and silver
  • It is lightweight


  • Does not have a consistent weight
  • Customer’s feedback reports that the polyester material does not last long

2. Pyramid Path Bowling Ball

Another bowling ball that can be taken a chance on by beginners is the Pyramid Path Bowling ball. It is designed with a polyester coverstock and a pancake core which makes it best for straight bowling. It is also not designed for an extremely oily surface. In the case of bowling, this bowling ball might skid and cause the lines to fade off; this alone is likely to cause you a lot in your game.

Pyramid path bowling ball does not come with holes; it comes undrilled. So, when you get this ball, you will need to take it to your local bowling club to have the holes drilled. This product is quite affordable, and it is also available in various shades that best suits your need and style.


  • Durable and stylish with a pyramid technology.
  • It is available in multiple colors
  • It is perfect for beginners
  • Amazingly cheap and pocket-friendly
  • It comes with a manufacturer’s 2-year warranty
  • Very perfect for straight shots


  • It has limited reactivity

3. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

From being a beginner, you get to a level of being where you can say you are advanced. For this level, you do not get to use the same type of equipment you were using while a beginner, you upgrade to a more advanced one. The Brunswick Rhino bowling ball is considered an advanced bowling ball. Unlike the Ebonite Bowling for beginners, Brunswick Rhino is reactive and has a slight hook that places it above and makes a difference. It is designed with a symmetrical core which makes the holes easier to drill and also makes bowling very easy. By the way, this bowling ball is not for advanced players alone. Even professionals include it in their kit for hitting tough strikes they miss.


  • It is durable and stands the test of time
  • It is stylishly designed to show elegance, with a smooth finishing
  • Its durability saves unnecessary spending
  • It is designed to adjust your game and take you on the pathway to professionalism
  • The price is not too over-the-board
  • It is also used by professional bowlers


  • Beginners can not use it
  • It is considered a little expensive for some people; especially those who are not trying to invest in their skills

4. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

On the way to professionalism, we all start from somewhere and to master a particular craft or skill; one will use simple equipment that meets your needs as a beginner. One of those bowling balls that best suit beginner players or recreational players are Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball.

This product is designed with a pancake core that makes it ideal for a beautiful straight shot when combined with a polyester coverstock. You want to have a casual game with family or friends; you should consider this bowling ball. No much concentration or compensation is needed to bowl a decent game on your average lanes.


  • It is amazingly cheap and affordable
  • Very durable
  • Designed with style and elegance
  • It has a light shipping weight
  • Available in various colors: black, purple and gold


  • It does not hook since it is designed for beginners
  • Not ideal for professionals

5. Hammer Black Widow Legend

If you are a professional bowler and you need a bowling ball that will not only give you a huge strike but also show your professionalism, then you should go for hammer black widow legend. Just like its name implies, this bowling ball is designed for those who want to be a legendary bowler. Made with a gas mask core, you will have an excellent movement on the lane.

It has been tested to be durable because it is designed with a hybrid coverstock and with that, you will be able to control the hooking potential. This bowling ball has really brought the Black Widow brand to limelight because it is the first bowling ball in this line to be designed with a hybrid coverstock. This amazing legendary bowling ball is available in black and red colors.


  • It is designed in multiple weights which makes it possible to pick your weight choice that will match your strength
  • Very much effective in hooking
  • Ranging from medium to heavy oil, this ball works on all
  • With elegant designs and superb quality, it marks professionalism
  • It comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • It does not react well on dry lanes
  • It is only for professional bowlers; casual bowling will not go down well with this bowling ball
  • Compared with other bowling balls, this ball is a bit on the high price tag
  • Cannot be used by kids

6. Ebonite Cyclone Bowling Ball

The last but not the least is the Ebonite Cyclone Bowling ball. This ball is a little bit advanced than the beginner’s bowling balls. So, if you want to take a higher shot of improving your bowling skills and being better in the game, you should go for this ball. Although it is a little more expensive than beginner’s bowling balls, one major good news about this bowling ball is that it is very reactive, which is a common feature of top bowling balls.

Therefore, if you do not compensate for this reactivity through more training, it will render you a bad bowler. In other words, mastering the effective use of this ball requires more than just a beginner player’s skill. It comes with a reactive resin coverstock which is best used on oily lanes, providing all the hooking you will need.


  • It is very reactive
  • It performs effectively
  • It enhances your bowling skills
  • Available in diverse colors of red,.pure and yellow


  • The reactivity needs to be handled with expertise
  • Beginners can not use it
  • It is quite expensive

7. Brunswick Kingpin Max

Brunswick kingpin max is a better version of its predecessors. This bowling ball allows maximum continuation, hook and overall performance. With this ball, you have more hook and continuation. How is this possible? In the process of bowling, Brunswick Kingpin max has a way of absorbing oil and increasing friction.

This bowling ball features the ECA-X coverstock which makes it get more grip. You do not have to be worried about a bowling ball that embarrasses your game, Brunswick is a brand tested and trusted. This company has been in existence for donkey years, and they are famous for producing top quality bowling equipment.


  • It comes with a one year warranty
  • It is made up of Enhanced Composite Adhesion which makes it have a firmer grip
  • It is made with a strong coverstock
  • It has a lower grit box finish, which gives it more hook than other bowling balls
  • It is designed in different colors from which you can have your pick: green, navy, light blue
  • It reacts earlier in mid-lane to give a more overall hook
  • It is amazingly pocket-friendly


  • Customers who have used this ball say it needs to be cooked every 12 to 15 quite troubling games
  • Reads mid-lane too fast

8. Storm Timeless Bowling Ball

This is one hell of a bowling ball for professional players. It is designed with a unique core that increases the ball’s speed and hit your target so hard. With this kind of bowling ball, you do not need extra strenuous effort to a bowl and win, all you need to put in is your skill and professionalism. When you do this, you make drive-home strikes with little effort.

This is the reason this bowling ball is not designed for beginners because you need all the pro skills you can ever think of to set it right and effective. So that you know, the uniqueness of this bowling ball is as a result of its supervised production by a famous bowler named Jason Belmonte. He is a champion of the Professional Bowlers Association.


  • It is durable
  • With a powerful reactivity, it hits heavily on the pins and makes you a match-winning player
  • It is stylishly designed
  • It rolls down the lane with alarming speed


  • It is expensive
  • Beginners can not effectively use it

9. Motiv Venom Cobra

If we are looking for consistency and power, Motiv Venom Cobra bowling ball is best to be qualified with these words. Just as its name implies, this bowling ball strikes quickly like a cobra. It is designed with a top gear dual density core coupled with a sabotage Hybrid Reactive coverstock. All these make this bowling ball deadly like the venom of a cobra.

The dual density core is designed to cause energy retention and continuation right till the end of the lane. The combination of top gear dual density and Sabotage Hybrid Reactive makes the ball indeed powerful. It is made for light and medium oil. An incredibly smooth rolling ball that provides excellent angular ball movement. It has a swift lane reaction and goes right to the forefront cleanly and efficiently.


  • It is robust and consistent
  • It reacts very quickly
  • It has great speed
  • It retains energy to the forefront
  • It is exceptionally durable and strong
  • A manufacturer’s 1-year warranty is attached to it


  • Might catch you unaware because this bowling ball is far stronger than you could imagine

Factors To Bear In Mind When Buying a Bowling Ball

When you do not know anything about a product, it can be challenging to pick the right ones that will meet your need. Hence, to purchase a product that will give you the value of your money, irrespective of how small the amount might be, you need to be well-informed about the product. Bowling ball is not one of that equipment you can purchase with an intuition. You need certain knowledge to be able to buy the perfect one for you. The buying guide below will give you a hint on what to look for when next you go ‘bowling-shopping’.


Since bowling process involves lifting and rolling, you should not buy what will be heavier than you can carry. The weight of your bowling ball will determine your performance in some cases. Of course, the weight of the ball is important in maintaining a straight shot and striking a heavy hit (as a light bowling ball can swerve off target), but when it is too heavy for your arms, it becomes a problem. Some studies say that the weight of the bowling ball you use should be 10 percent of your total body weight.

Core Types

You should also focus on the core type. A beginner will use bowling balls designed with a standard pancake core to have an amateur bowling experience. A more experienced bowler, on the other hand, will make use of either a bowling ball designed with a symmetrical core or an asymmetrical base. Asymmetrical core does not really require much skill like the asymmetrical core so that it can go well with intermediate players.


Considering your pocket is also very important when purchasing a bowling ball. You would not want to get what will plunge you into debt right? However, if you intend being a professional bowler, you should not be too concerned about the price. Getting a quality brand should be your priority since you are investing.

Appearance and Style

This might seem not so important but it is essential you get a bowling ball with a good finishing like a high-gloss finishing. The outer layer coating should also be taken note of as this will determine its durability and elegance.

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