Basic Types Of Table Tennis Equipment

Apart from the table tennis racket, there is also some vital equipment to play a table tennis game. To become an outstanding player, a ping pong player must learn the many kinds of table tennis equipment that is used.

Have adequate knowledge of this equipment helps to enhance a player’s game. In the game, four pieces of equipment are used, and that includes the ball, the racket, which is also known as the paddle, the table, and the net.

Other minimum requirements for table tennis equipment include the blade, rubber, clothing, and shoes, among others. This text explains the basic types of table tennis equipment to play a ping pong game.

1. Ball

One of the most crucial table tennis equipment to play a ping pong table game is the ball. Ping pong table ball is made with celluloid or another plastic. The celluloid composes of nitrocellulose and camphor that is produced in a sheet and soaked in a hot alcohol solution until it is soft and easy to play with.

The units are small celluloid balls that are often colored white or orange. This hybridity of the colors allows a player to choose the ball that completes his or her game.

Most of the time, the weight 2.7 grams and a coefficient of restitution of 0.89 to 0.92, making them a lightweight material to play your game. Also, you enjoy these balls in different materials that are sturdy and make the ball durable.

We are recommending the balls with two stars to those who are just coming into the game. The size of the ball ranges from 38 mm to 54 mm in diameter. This means you can choose any size that suits your game.

On international leagues and competitions, they most of the time make use of balls with a size of 40 mm. This is because the International Table Tennis Federation recommends it.

2. Racket or Paddle

Another vital table tennis equipment to play with is the racket or paddle. This unit is used to hit the ball back and forth on the table. Although it has a similar look with the ones used in long tennis, this model is smaller and is made of different materials.

Ping pong table racket is often made of wood and rubber, and that comes into parts, which are the handle and the blade. When compared to a conventional paddle, this unit does not include strings strung across an open frame.

Meanwhile, it is essential to consider the material in which the two units are made. This factor affects the force that is applied by the player. Therefore, ping pong table players must choose the models made with high-quality material to enjoy the table tennis game.

Besides the racket and paddle, another necessary table tennis equipment is the rubber on the racket. This rubber is as important as other equipment in this game. This is because it can affect the type and amount of spin that can be used in hitting the ball.

Another unique feature about this unit is that you can get them pre-made and at the same time, customized conditions. For people who are just coming into this game, it is advisable to go for customized rackets they are easy to play with.

It is vital to know that the rubber surface needs regular cleaning to retain a high friction surface for ball spin. Likewise, this unit should not be left outdoor for a long period as it can be damaged by sun exposure.

3. Table Tennis Table

The list of the basic types of table tennis equipment would be incomplete without the table tennis table. This unit is often regarded as a Ping-Pong table. This is a wooden or metal equipment in which the game is played.

According to the International Table Tennis Federation, the official tables that should be used in international leagues or competitions must be 9 ft. Long, 5 ft. Wide, and must be installed about 30 inches high from the ground.

The table or playing surface is uniformly dark colored and matte, and it is divided into two halves by a net at 15.25 cm (6.0 in) in height. Unlike other equipment, you can get this unit with different colors ranging from green, blue, and black, among others.

Since the colors are of various types, you would be able to choose the model that completes the look of your game. Meanwhile, it is essential to know that the surface of the ping pong table must be smooth in other for you to enjoy your game with the lowest friction.

4. Net and Post

Another essential type of table tennis equipment is the net and post. Although these units enjoy little or no attention, a ping pong game cannot be played without the availability of these units.

While some players purchase these products alongside the table, others get it with rackets, and some acquire it separately. The net and post are perfect units for tables with a thickness between 16 to 25 mm.

The net should be made with high-quality material not only to ensure that it lasts you for years but also to facilitate competitive play.

Whatever way you buy your net and post, it is essential to know that this unit should be six feet long and six inches wide. Also, it should have an upper white tape that is not more than 15mm wide to allow the ball to move across the table accurately. Likewise, the bottom length should be close to the playing surface.

Besides, the net and post should come with an assembly that allows you to easily attach it to the middle of the table tennis table. Whenever your post or net is damaged, you can replace them with a new, highly durable one that would last you for a long time.