Top 4 Shoes For Table Tennis Reviews 2019

One of the best sports you can participate in is the table tennis game. It is an exciting sport that requires you to do a lot of quick and small step footwork and also a lot of lateral movements. A table tennis shoe helps you to move with easiness and comfort.

This shoe works in a different way that is unique from running shoe, basket shoes or other indoor shoes. This is why you need to go for the right table tennis shoe that would not ruin your footwork. This article contains the best 4 table tennis shoes.

1. Joola Rally Blue


On top of our list for the best table tennis shoe is this product. It is a classic shoe with a stylish and attractive look. It comes at a low price that you would not find it difficult to purchase. Likewise, this price does not determine its durability, and it is a product that would last you for years.

Also, it is a breathable shoe that gives your leg the needed comfort and ventilation. This shoe provides a good grip on a surface which allows you to play your game perfectly.

2. Lezoline Zero Shoe


This is one of the best models from Butterfly. With this unit, you would be able to play ping pong on the court without any difficulties, and also you would be able to wear comfortably. It is a grippy shoe that is made with fine quality mesh and material that allows you to stand firmly on any surface.

This shoe as its sole made of gum rubber that does not slip you off the ground while playing your game. Thus, it is essential to know that it has too much leather in the upper part, which makes the shoe less breathable.

3. Mizuno 2015 SS Unisex Wave Drive A7


This shoe is a unisex model made for the comfort wear of both male and female players of table tennis. It is a shoe made of high-quality materials that last you for years. Also, it is a lightweight shoe that is easy to move from one place to another.

The sole is grippy with great balance and a waterproof layer. This model from Mizuno is highly breathable and has a simple design.

4. Energy Force XII Shoes


This shoe from Butterfly Energy Force Series is the latest edition. It is a unit with very lightweight and has anti-slip sole. It features Quick Counter that is installed in the heel to prevent sliding due to the intensive sides to side footwork.

Also, this product has a design that is unique and attractive and would last you for years. Also, it features Magic Ventilations that allows you to enjoy proper airflow whenever you are putting it on.